Learn how to play your favorite songs!

Available in the Mac App Store

OS X 10.13 or later

Learning how to play songs should be easy, fast, and fun.
That’s why we built Stringed.

Pitch Shift + Tempo Stretching

With the Tempo Stretching feature, you will be able to easily slow down what's being played.

If the track you're playing is in a different key than your guitar, simply click over the Pitch Shifting Slider, and retune any song on the fly.

Equalizer and Panning

By fine tunning equalization you will be able to enhance the sound of your rockstar's solo. Panning slider will allow you to isolate the channel you want to hear.

Loop, over and over again!

No need to click at the beginning of your solo, over and over again. Just highlight the tricky part, toggle the Loop button, and focus on your guitar!.